Oh, no! Are we exploiting Africa?

Medicin It is so hard to get things right! One might come with the best intentions of doing good but then the host has other ideas. Or the visions you ...

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  1. Eryn skriver:

    This is a great post Dr. Jenny and something that I’ve struggled with for a long time. I hate the word volunteer sometimes, really I think it should be ”student” or ”apprentice”. The truth is that we learn so much from those experiences, more than we could ever give back. But, I think for many people, the experiences leave with them a longing to return to that place to work and contribute in the future when your skills are more developed. There are also many who receive funding in the way of scholarships to attend school in developed countries (although I’m not sure if Sweden is one of them) and bring their new skills back to their country. There might also be helpful ideas or little tidbits of new information that you pass on that would otherwise have gone by the wayside. Sometimes I think it’s more about a global community than anything else, but it is so important to acknowledge that we (the students) are always the greatest benefactors of the experience. Of course that’s only my opinion.

  2. Gunilla Löfgren skriver:

    Yes, indeed! Good will is a goood thing, but not nearly enough. To get it right we need so much more knowledge. Do continue to question. It is an important way to find new aspects and expand our knowledge – so necessary.


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